The Temple Hill International School Music Ensemble 2012 – 2013 (THISME)

The Temple Hill International School Music Ensemble 2012 – 2013 (THISME)

From The Philippine Montesorri Center to Temple Hill International School, the music continues.

The Temple Hill International School Music Instrumental Ensemble (THISME) is the elementary level counterpart of the Philippine Montessori Center Instrumental Ensemble. The group has performed in different venues – locally and abroad. The most notable was one group’s participation in the 2004 VSA (Vision, Strength, and Artistic Expression) Arts Festival in Washington DC, U.S.A. made possible through a very competitive selection process. The group qualified over 700 entries all over the world.

This year’s batch of young musicians range from ages 7 to 10. A number of the members started with PMCIE during their preschool years. Some of them have pursued the marimba as their solo instrument.

It is interesting to note that THISME has been constantly explorative on its open set-up. Most of the children at the elementary level have outgrown the pre school Orff instruments, physically and preferentially. Inclusion of other instruments, especially non-percussion is one of the exploratory strategies the group has undertaken. It addresses as well the different musical interests and preferences of the growing school grade children.

The banduria finds its way into the percussion assemblage. Its inclusion has been an innovative and challenging initiative not just to the group’s set-up but in the choice of music and its musical arrangement as well.

THISME - a dynamic, versatile, innovative and young group of lush musical talents is The Philippine Montessori Center’s continuance beyond preschool in its unremitting commitment to teach music to the young and the very young. The continuum exists and holds on.